Housing Program HACDC’s Housing Program is built on a foundation of educating and counseling clients on the overall homeownership process in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner. The first step in the process is  participation in the Homebuyer Education Program (HBE) which is presented and  conducted in Haitian Creole. To date, over 2500 individuals graduated […]

  As a 2005 HOPE Awards winner for education, LHHA’s Homebuyer Education Program (HBE) has served the residents of Little Haiti since 1992 by addressing the following issues in the community: lack of understanding of financial institutions; lack of trust in institutions; and their language barrier. Recruitment for the program is done over the radio, […]

HACDC and C.O.P Working Together to Increase Safety in Little Haiti

HACDC shows their commitment to community development as a holistic process with their Coordinator for Community Engagement and Outreach person, Romartine Virgile taking on the task of coordinating a community group of 70 senior resident volunteers called the Miami Police Little Haiti Citizens on Patrol. As a City of Miami Police Department crime prevention program C.O.P. provides additional “eyes and ears” on the street.  For the past 6 months HACDC has played an active role in implementing structural changes within the C.O.P.


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